Ask Me a Question

I love to answer questions and I created the site to foster conversations.

I want to receive and give feedback to people who want to improve their lives. It’s how I learn and try to give back to others.

Please note: On this site, I give broad recommendations about mental, physical and/or spiritual health. I only make clinical interventions after I have done a formal assessment with a client in my caseload, not here. I’m not acting in any kind of therapeutic role on this site. Read the full disclaimer below.


I will make every effort to respond within 24 hours to emails, however, there may be times when this isn’t possible due to sheer volume or life’s pressing needs (family and clients). I always preface nutritional or exercise suggestions with the understanding that if you are sedentary or in poor health, consult your doctor first!

I cannot take on any new clients at this time. I am an addictions and mental health therapist, licensed for Massachusetts clients only, and working half-time. My caseload is full presently. I will broadcast when/if this changes.